Gevorg Gharibyan

Gevorg Gharibyan – a psychologist (M.A.).

Working Languages

Armenian, English and Russian.

Research Interests

George’s academic interests stated researches in the following areas:

  • “Individual uniqueness of the person in the process of stress coping”
  • “Causes and features of manifestation of deviant behavior among difficult teens”
  • “Ethno Psychological peculiarities of Social Anomie in overcoming conflict”
  • “The impact of socio-political system on particularities of human ethnic identity”
  • Additionally my main research interests include Neuropsychology of Habits Formation, Anxiety Disorders, OCD, PTSD, ADHD, Dreams; Individual Aspects of Ontogenetic Development of Person; Gender Identity and LGBTQI+ related issues; Cognitive Neuroscience of Mirror Neurons.

Clinical Interests

George’s clinical interests mainly include Client-Centered Therapy/Counseling, Art Therapy, Neuropsychological Therapy, Solution Oriented Therapy, Psychodrama and Psychoanalytic Therapy. In general, he practices psychological counseling in the framework of the Client-Centered Therapy.


George started education at the Armenian State Pedagogical University after Kh. Abovyan where he graduated with honors with a B.A. in Psychology and Pedagogy. Meanwhile George studied in Oulu University, furthermore he participated in different trainings, seminars and conferences in order to raise up my professional qualifications in art therapy, psychological counseling, work with people with special needs, etc. Currently he is doing his MA in Social and Political Psychology at the Armenian State Pedagogical University after Kh. Abovyan.

Professional Experience

01/2018 – present — Psychologist, Hilfmann Psychological Services
10/2016 – 03/2017 — Psychologist-Pedagogue, Organizatia Tinerilor cu Initativa
06/2016 – 09/2016 —Psychologist-Pedagogue, “Lediisana” Family School in Partnership with “Red Cross” International Hospital Armenia
04/2015 – 05/2016 — Life Coach, Group Trainer, Anahit Arzumanyan’s Psychological Center
09/2014 – 05/2016 — School Psychologist/Counsellor, Basic School No. 129 after Hayk Bzhishkyan in Yerevan

Curriculum Vitae