Elvira Meliksetyan

Elvira Meliksetyan – a certified psychologist, trainer.

Working Languages

Armenian, Russian, English.

Research Interests

Elvira’s research main interests include integrative approach towards psychological healthand healing processes,opportunities for integration of tools of mindfulness and spirituality in psychotherapy, opportunities for analysis and combination of Western and Eastern practices in psychological health issues, the impact of culture, religion, customs , habits , stereotypes and stigmas on one’s personality development processes, communication, self-perception, self-awareness, as well as the impact on the awareness about their own sexuality.

Clinical Interests

Elvira’s main clinical interests include Existential-Humanistic therapy, Gestalt therapy, Art-therapy, Integrative approach in psychotherapy and mindfulness based psychotherapy.


Elvira studied in Yerevan State University, department of psychology, and graduated with honors with a specialist degree in psychology (qualification: Management and Organizational Psychologist, Psychologist –Pedagogue) . Meanwhile she successfully accomplished several theoretical and practical training courses, retreats on Western and Eastern approaches in psychotherapy and psychological counseling.

Professional Experience

  • 01/2018 – present — Psychologist, Hilfmann Psychological Services
  • 02/2018 – present — “Spitak Helsinki Group” NGO, Spitak, Armenia – psychologist
  • 09/2013 – present — trainer, facilitator, coach in the fields regarding psychological health and integrated wellness/security
  • 11/2015 – 01/2017 — psychologist, Armenian Psycho- Oncology Association
  • 09/2016 – 12/2016 — psychologist, expert, coach and trainer in the field of integrated security, ՛՛Bishkek feminist initiatives՛՛, NGO, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Curriculum Vitae